Herbal Medicine


The treatment of injury, the associated pain from injuries, and the treatment of chronic pain are mainstays of Chinese medicine practice. As a part of that, externally applied herbal medicines are used to reduce the bruising, heat, swelling, and pain associated with traumatic injury, and to encourage healing in sub-acute and chronic stages of musculoskeletal pain. I make and use two types of topical herbal products to meet these ends: soft plasters and liniments.

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Ice-No-More is a soft plaster prepared in natural oil & wax. It is a modification of the classical Chinese medicine formula San Huang San, which has been used for centuries to reduce the swelling, bruising, and pain associated with red, hot, swollen, and painful traumatic injuries.

Ice-No-More contains raw herbal material, and is designed to sit on top of the skin, continuously transmitting the herbs' medicinal properties through to the site of injury for the duration of the application. Unlike traditional plasters, this soft plaster will not dry and harden when left on the skin.


All liniments are made by soaking ingredients in clear alcohol for at least 1-2 years. The liquid is then separated from the ingredients and bottled for individual use.


Trauma Care liniment is used immediately after acute injury to help prevent bruising, facilitate the movement of blood, clear heat, and reduce swelling. It is best to have on hand for immediate application, and is often used in conjunction with Ice-No-More soft plaster.


Aches & Pains liniment can be used after the acute stage of injury has passed to reduce pain and facilitate healing, while preventing the development of chronic injury. As a neutral formula, it can also be used in chronic situations where no heat is present.


Warm & Rebuild liniment is for chronic injuries and pain where the body is unable to transform stasis of qi and blood due to the presence of cold in the area, severe stasis, and/or a lack of the body's own resources to heal. Not to be used when heat is present.