Qigong (pronounced “chee-ghong”) is a type of health promoting exercise that involves fluid, continuous movements that help the mind to settle and encourage the relaxation of musculoskeletal tension.

In qigong there are practices that emphasize stillness, and those that emphasize movement. Stillness practices involve periods of standing or sitting and allowing the mind and body to naturally settle. Movement practices involve smooth, round movements that are repeated, allowing the tissues of the body to become softer and movement freer.


Ways of Learning

I teach qigong to patients to facilitate healing, and to further and maintain the progress made during treatments. I also teach classes in a group setting.

I teach two types of qigong:

Hunyuan Gong teaches you how to resonate with the qi of your surroundings and increase your capacity for storing qi.

Chansi Gong teaches you how to open the 18 major pivots of the body, to move with a balance of relaxation and intent, and to cultivate silk-reeling energy.

To attend a class, or schedule a private lesson, please call 847.607.1857 or email david@derdigercm.com for more information.