Healer Heal Thyself

Being a healer as well as a martial artist means I have to take extra good care of my hands. Fingers and wrists are easily injured in the regular practice of a martial art, especially ones that involve lots of twists and joint locks to counter being grabbed by an aggressor.

Yesterday was rough on the right wrist in particular; I had either bruised a bone, or overstretched one of the tendons or ligaments at the base of the back of the wrist. It wasn't the sort of injury that I noticed at the time, but really felt when I was trying to grip the steering wheel on the way home. Climbing into bed was a challenge, and opening and closing sliding doors was especially difficult.

Thankfully, I keep a bottle of my Trauma Care Liniment around the house and dutifully began applying it as soon as I got home. By the third use (second one today) all the pain was gone and I had regained full strength and range of motion, so much so that I didn't think twice before doing a set of pushups.

The Trauma Care Liniment I make is part of a long tradition of Chinese martial artists gathering herbs, minerals, and other natural substances, and soaking them in alcohol to make what is called a 跌打酒 diédǎjiǔ, sometimes translated as "Hit Fall Wine." It is medicine that works on damage from physical trauma to the body, mainly sprains, strains, and bruising. Trauma Care Liniment strongly moves qi and invigorates blood in the local area, and facilitates the body's ability to clear away damaged tissue and metabolites, and assist in regeneration.

Trauma Care Liniment is for the treatment of Stage 1 injuries. Check out the Topical Herbal Medicine section to learn more about the stages of injury and the liniments I use in my clinic to treat them.

David DerdigerComment